Citizen Four (2014)



Although the documentary revealed nothing new about the leaks from the NSA, it did give a human face to Edward Snowden, showing the emotions he experienced during the interview with Glen Greenwald that would rock the Untied States.

At one point during the interview a fire alarm goes off and they wonder if they should evacuate. One person makes a joke that they would go down to the lobby and there would be some men in suits waiting for them, this got some nervous laughs. After calling the front desk and being told its a drill Ed unplugs the phone and says that’s one of the ways they could be recorded, assuming the phone has a computer component to it.

It would be paranoia if it weren’t all true. This blog post, my text messages, emails, browser history, Netflix queue, every subscription I’ve ever had is all being collected and…

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Off the Grid

A Journey of the Heart


For the past couple of weeks I’ve been living out of my suitcases. Holed up in my temporary living quarters — the second floor of a spacious and comfortable home in the suburbs outside San Antonio. Not exactly the life of a missionary.

Nor is life in American suburbia the life I want. But I won’t be here much longer. And my hosts have been so gracious and kind to take me in for the month of November. So I deal with the inconvenience of having to dig under piles of once folded, packed clothing to find clean underwear. Or try to remember if I stuffed those shoes I now need in a tote bag I brought into the house or in a box still hiding in the back of my Subaru.


In truth, none of this matters. It’s a small price I’m choosing to pay for following my heart…

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Dungeon Rock and The New England Frankenstein

Obscure Vermont

The mystery isn’t in the technique, it’s in each of us. ~Harry Callahan.

The dark term dungeon isn’t a common moniker around New England, (unless you count Vermont’s arcane Popple Dungeon Road) yet alone the United States, so when I heard of a place in Lynn, Massachusetts called Dungeon Rock, of course I was interested. Interested enough to take the 3 hour drive from Vermont to the face paced town of Lynn. In a large tract of woods concealing a landscape of boulderous terrain and large ponds with icy waters gently lapping at gravely beaches, lies an especially craggy boulder at the top of a steep rise of land. If you were to get a little closer and squeeze your way through some narrow crevices, you may notice an iron door set in the rock. Behind that door is a knee bending steep staircase that descends into blackness with dripping…

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You Wont See It Coming

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