A View of the Apocalypse

Writing Elves


My laptop has been missing all day.

At first, I figured that I misplaced it somewhere in my room. Or that one of my kids borrowed it. No worries. I didn’t even look that hard. After all, it will show up eventually. It’s not like it was stolen or anything.

But as the day dragged on and I still did not see it, panic started setting in. It was subtle at first. I was working on my desktop and it hit me: My laptop might actually be gone.

The more I shooed those panic-inducing thoughts away, the stronger they came back an hour later. Then a half hour. Until all I was thinking about was my missing laptop. When was the last time I backed it up? I think I backed it up. I definitely backed it up.

I went on “Find My MAC” and died a little a when…

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