New Tribulation Book Reveals End Times Secrets As Prophesied – End Of The World Apocalypse Unveiled

safitverjon – The Tribulation spoken of in Bible prophecy is a time of tremendous importance and is related to the Rapture, Armageddon, the Apocalypse and the End of the World, but if you believe the Tribulation and its related events are connected to Christianity only, you couldn’t be more wrong. As a fact, despite what you may have been taught by religious leaders and regardless of what they believe themselves, ALL of humanity is completely unaware of the secret, all-important truth about the Tribulation of the End Times; and the millions they have taught therefore, are unaware as well…just as prophesied. Learn the truth about the Tribulation today that was prophesied in the Bible to be revealed ONLY during these End Times in the book The Tribulation by Dr. Scott McQuate at

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You don’t own your property.


When you buy a house and property you can plant a garden decide where you want a tree or quite a few other things but you don’t actually own it. Let me ask you something if you went to the store and bought something and they said okay you own it but you have to pay 10 dollars every month on it is that actually owning it. That’s what you do when you buy property you spend so much money on it and still have to pay annually on it that’s not right.
“Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can.” Samuel Adams
It’s not just about taxes nether imminent domain makes it so the government can take your land even if you did…

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America’s Surveillance State, Part 5: Insider Threats

Dandelion Salad

Dandelion Salad

PressTV Documentaries on Oct 26, 2014

I want you to blow the whistle Image by mike via Flickr

We live in the United States of Surveillance — with cameras increasingly positioned on street corners and with much more invisible spying online and on the phone. Anyone who is paying attention knows that privacy could be out the window. All of this is not happening by accident – well funded powerful agencies and companies are engaged in the business of keeping tabs on what we do, what we say, and what we think.

To many in the world, today, the face of America also has A BIG NOSE for sniffing and sifting mountains of data—phone calls, emails and texts. And with many mouths silenced by paranoia to keep what they decide is secret, secret. America has become a Surveillance-Industrial State where everyone’s business has become its business, and where one huge US intelligence Agency has been…

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Now Fake towers?

Covert Spy gear review & Tips

Mysterious_Fake_Cellphone_Towers_Are-7e327c0654c26e79b090b1e4e17142afA security company says it has found 19 different phony cell towers’ located throughout the United States. (see map below) The fake towers are found in New York City, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. There is even one tower in Nevada that was found near a government facility out in the desert. Customers who are using the Crypto phone 500, sold by ESD America, have detected signals from transmitters masquerading as cell towers that, if a cell phone connects to it, can track the phone’s location or leave data on its operating system vulnerable to attacks. Meaning that if you pass the tower or close to it, your information in your phone can leave a digital mark and all the information to it and people will be able to locate you through your GPS. It isn’t clear who installed these ‘towers,’ devices with the ability to trick cellphones into connecting…

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Our ethical bankruptcy is going to kill us, not a virus.

The Order of Turbulence


The United States has the most capable health infrastructure and the most capable doctors in the world, bar none,” Lisa Monaco, President Obama’s senior counter-terrorism adviser, said at a White House briefing. (“US Ebola outbreak ‘extraordinarily unlikely’, White House officials insist.” The Guardian)

You might wonder what a ‘counter-terrorism’ adviser is doing vouching for the quality of the US health system. It is an indication of just how badly this issue has been framed since the first report of the latest Ebola outbreak, which began in March of this year. Nor is it helpful that the current head of the CDC keeps insisting that an Ebola outbreak couldn’t happen in the US. And even more laughably, there’s a DA in Texas who looking into pressing charges against Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who fell sick in Dallas.  Let’s hope he lives long enough for that to…

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poor persecuted pervert?

Sex Geek

There’s a scandal breaking in Canada. It’s about BDSM. Or is it? I’m not so sure.

Short version: Jian Ghomeshi is a wicked popular CBC host, and the CBC just fired him without disclosing why. He’s retaliating with a $50 million lawsuit (unheard of in non-litigious Canada) and a demand for reinstatement. On Sunday, he made a Facebook post which discloses that he’s kinky and about to be defamed by an unnamed ex-girlfriend and several other past dates she’s recruited, who will insist that his behaviour was non-consensual. A couple hours later, I heard about a semi-recent xoJane article by Carla Ciccone detailing some very creepy behaviour on the part of an unnamed “Canadian C-list celebrity” whom many speculate is Ghomeshi. This article has apparently earned her a serious thrashing by trolls. Later Sunday evening, the Toronto Star posted an article detailing their interviews with four women who are remaining…

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A View of the Apocalypse

Writing Elves


My laptop has been missing all day.

At first, I figured that I misplaced it somewhere in my room. Or that one of my kids borrowed it. No worries. I didn’t even look that hard. After all, it will show up eventually. It’s not like it was stolen or anything.

But as the day dragged on and I still did not see it, panic started setting in. It was subtle at first. I was working on my desktop and it hit me: My laptop might actually be gone.

The more I shooed those panic-inducing thoughts away, the stronger they came back an hour later. Then a half hour. Until all I was thinking about was my missing laptop. When was the last time I backed it up? I think I backed it up. I definitely backed it up.

I went on “Find My MAC” and died a little a when…

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