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Back Garden

My name is Sarah and I'm a workaholic

There has just been so much going on since I last post inside the house, outside the house, at work, with my health. As a result my blogging time has been severly curtailed. However I would like to get back to blogging and get you all caught up with what we’ve been doing of late. Today’s post I’m showing our progress with the back garden. We have done an awful lot though so its a very long post!

At the old house we had a small front garden with beds on three sides and a central area for growing. It wasn’t big and I never felt it was mine to work with. Even when I got put on the mortgage and actually owned the place I just never felt comfortable working in the garden. This time though I want it to be different. We have a front garden and a…

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“Authors” and “Illustrators”

Dan Mishkin

The first mock-up of the cover for The Warren Commission Report: A Graphic Investigation into the Kennedy Assassination showed that the book was “by” me and “illustrated by” Ernie Colón and Jerzy Drozd. An ego boost for sure, but also a pretty insane way to describe the writers and artists of a comic book. I said as much to the folks at Abrams ComicArts, our publisher, and they quickly rectified the situation. The credit line now just lists our three names.

My objection to the original credits is twofold: the idea that I’m the true author, the possessor of the singular vision that carried the work through from conception to completion; and the description of what comic book artists do as “illustration.” Unless one person really is doing it all, making comics is a collaborative effort; and the people who draw them are not illustrators—certainly not in the sense that…

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