Land of the FREE

From a very young age we are taught to love and believe in a “god” that we have never seen to ” believe” that we are FREE because we are told we are but yet we work our lives away for a piece of paper with a number on it so we can own things that make us spend that piece of paper we work for all so the u.s.a. can keep turning  we are taught that the only way to get anywhere in this world is to send our kids to school so they can have things etched into there brains as to how they should think and how they should live we are taught that if you dont do this you are basically a worthless human in this country we work to make money in which our government takes a chunk of before we even get the money we worked hard for only to return what money we did make back to big companies connected to the government in one form or another  “we’ve” created electronics that keep us locked up inside our own minds like sheep and keeps us from being outside and seeing whats REALLY going on in which can pinpoint your location within 100ft when you “check in ”   is that really freedom !!!!!! THINK AGAIN 


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