Remembering 9/11

Daniel.C.Phillips Web log

Eleven years ago, in the early hours of the morning Sydney Australia time, I watched in horror when a movie I was watching was stopped by breaking news of an airliner crashing into a building. I went straight to Sky News coverage instantly.. All I could think about was to make sure that a dear friend of mine, who worked for a company that had offices in that building, was somewhere else, safe. Like many others, the images of the following hours were harrowing, and burned into my soul.

Yet the more we objectively know about 9/11, the more questions it raises.

Steel frame buildings with concrete don’t burn to the point of collapse, as neither is flammable fuel. It actually takes very carefully placed explosives rigged by experts, to get a building to fall into it’s own footprint. Even more curiously, a third building that was never actually hit…

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