The Who Before Tommy. The Kids Are Alright.


In 1965 I knew about how the Beat from the Mersey tide that had swept us all up was now receding. Those lovable Mop Tops were moving right along. They not only bought a ticket to ride,  they were driving the bus. The London art school boys were tired of waiting and drove pop forward anyway, anyhow, anywhere they pleased. England swings, like a pendulum do . Was I a precocious 12 year old ? I don’t think so. When the Beatles shook the world it was Year Zero for the youth. Something was happening and even if we did not know what it was, the music was telling us about new ways of looking at and thinking about the world. TV, newspapers,our parents, our schools,none of them understood the outer manifestations (the hair, the clothes) . How were they gonna even get near to a rejection of the straight…

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