Are Feds Preparing for Martial Law?


Are Feds Preparing for Martial Law?.


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Apple’s iPhone5 went on sale last Friday and sold out within nanoseconds. It does wondrous things, I guess. It must, because 5 million people jumped right on it. It costs $649. We have a phone that’s attached to the wall. It lets you talk on it, that’s about all. We have a cellphone, too. I’m not sure what all it does. It must not do much. It cost $14.99. Chances are I’ll never buy an Apple iPhone5. Technologically, I’m pretty far behind the curve. To give you an example, here’s a piece I wrote back in the 90’s about my first fax. I know, people usually write about first loves, first cars and first jobs, but when you’re hopelessly behind the curve . . .

Fax Me the Pillow That You Dream On

Officially, it’s known as a facsimile communications machine. Those on more familiar terms with it call it…

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