I must first admit i am one of the biggest GNR fans on the planet ( original lineup) since 86-87 with that being said ..guns n roses are to be inducted into the rock hall of fame today .in my eyes you know youve made it when your inducted with the best of the best .you have to be OUT OF YOUR MIND to not want to be inducted or to not have someone there to accept it for you .every band has there arguments ask don dokken of dokken  or lee roth of halen but you can bet your ass when induction time came around they would ALL be there if they could be  i know being a musician music is first ( i know first hand) and everything else is second including your fans ..but GNR was one of the BIGGEST bands on the planet PERIOD .for you sir axl to refuse to not be inducted is not only a slap in the face to the industry but it’s a TOTAL slap in the face to the MILLIONS of fans who used to live eat and breath GNR before your ego became so big you couldnt see around it!!! for that sir i must say i think and im sure former fans will agree your a arrogant piece of $$it .in my eyes your NOT worthy of the award because you have let not only your band members down that MADE YOU MILLIONS  but youve let EVERY single fan out there down WHO ALSO HAVE MADE YOU A MILLIONARE.. may you go down in history as at one time THE BEST of the best but be historically remembered as the cockiest a$$*ole to walk the musical planet  …congratulations to GNR for being inducted you were the best and to axl use your own words……” why don’t you just F*** off” lyrically speaking ……


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