The curtain opens

The Lunatic on the Grass

Starting a new blog! Even though I know I’m really busy, even though I know the huge amount of time it takes, here I am. And being the lunatic on the grass! What a responsability… But sorry, I started a bit too directly, without “warm cloths”, as we say in Barcelona. I’m a girl coming from this great city, born here, living here, working here. But if there’s something important in my life, it’s music. I have another blog (did I mention I am really busy?) called LibertadSonora, written in Spanish. At the beginning, I used to write about music in general, music news, nothing really personal. But after many attempts at making it better, even thinking of shutting it down, I decided it to make it more intimate, more mine.

And now here it is, this Lunatic on the Grass. A new sibling, written in English…

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